Aligned Ag Distributors Owners Among Nation’s Top Ag Retailers – CropLife

Being part of Aligned Ag Distributors (AAD) provides owners — ag retailers from around the country — independence through interdependence.

Unique opportunities like combined negotiating and purchasing power enable owners to do what they do best: Be on the acre with every customer and provide the service that only an independent, regional ag retailer can. And again in 2022, that strength is getting national attention.

In the release of its recent CropLife Top 100, the magazine’s editorial team included seven AAD owners in its annual rankings. For 2022 — the media company’s 39th annual listing — the following owners made the prestigious list:

  • The McGregor Company: #23
  • Buttonwillow Warehouse Company: #24
  • Grow West®: #28
  • Mid Valley Agricultural Services, Inc.: #29
  • Willard Agri-Service: #55
  • Land View, Inc.: #56
  • Butte County Rice Growers Association: #62

“The last three years have been a challenging time for our owners, but with ingenuity, innovation and continued hard work and dedication to their customers’ success, these ag retailers and AAD owners have discovered ways to stay successful and relevant at the farm gate,” said AAD President Mary Tolke. “Their recognition in the CropLife Top 100 is a testament to their leadership, passion for and attention to their grower customers’ success.”

Strong communication and relationships with growers, a laser-sharp focus on what growers need, reliability and continued innovation are all common traits among AAD owners recognized in the 2022 CropLife Top 100.

“We try to overcommunicate with our customers. We make a concerted effort to ask those questions. Before we assume that’s what a customer does or doesn’t want, we always ask them first.”

Ian McGregor, The McGregor Company

“Our customers’ success matters deeply to us. I work to make sure I’m consistent and always transparent and truthful. You can never go wrong doing the right thing.”

Clay Houchin, Buttonwillow Warehouse Company

“You can’t get stuck in the mud. That’s what we keep telling our people. You’ve got to adapt to every situation and continually communicate with customers. We are always ready to pivot and move.”

Ernie Roncoroni, Grow West®

“We pride ourselves on being a reliable supplier, and we work hard to be nimble so we can make decisions on the fly for our customers, because they have high expectations of us.”

Todd Hudelson, Mid Valley Agricultural Services, Inc.

“Our business is all about relationships. Maintaining strong relationships is something I really believe in, and our growers are business partners who are smart businesspeople who I highly respect.”

Bob Willard, Willard Agri-Service

“We are a bottoms-up company and anyone can walk in the door and have a visit with us. The door’s always open, and that communication is so key to how we work together with our customers.”

Roy Young, Land View, Inc.

“Being a steward of resources is our policy. As we look toward the future, we will always invest in technology solutions that can contribute to our growers’ success.”

Carl Hoff, Butte County Rice Growers Association

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